Magic Archer Deck For Ladder Arena 11+ & Challenges (Control & Counter)
DaRealLegend posted 1 month ago (updated 1 month ago)

This deck is designed to control the match and create strong offensive counter pushes by utilizing the powerful mini pekka and hog and awesome crowd control cards like the magic archer, giant skeleton, and earth quake and log spells.

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Magic Archer

The magic archer will support your giant skeleton, hog and mini pekka pushes after a successful defensive sequence. Placement is key. Allow the magic archer to lock on to a direction where he can target multiple units or tower in one arrow shot. Think multiple hit targets.

Giant Skeleton

the giant skeleton can either push on its own or create a crown control effect with it's death explosion. This card can quickly create a nice counter push for you

Hog Rider

The hog can be used to force an opposite lane push while the giant skeleton can either push on its own or create a crown control effect with it's death explosion.

Replacement Guides
Magic Archer Wizard Ice Wizard
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The Log Zap Giant Snowball
Early Stage Gameplan

The deck has a decent elixir cost of 3.6 so it can be used comfortably the entire match and you can defend and control effectively. Use the giant skeleton for crowd control scenarios especially against stacked golem beatdown pushes or bridge spam plays. The mini pekka should be your charging unit counter and can be used to start a counter push as well. If the mini pekka is able to successfully defend and get a hit on the opponent's tower that is very ideal. Use the hog to force opposite lane pushes or push alongside the giant skeleton if you have the magic archer, log or earthquake on hand.

Late Stage Gameplan

2x time the same strategy if effective. Don't hesitate to get chip damage with the hog and magic archer and use the spells for low tower hp scenarios.

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